Hi! I'm Trenton Greener.

So you want to learn a bit more about me? Well, let's get into it!

I'm Passionate About



The son of a basketball coach, I was destined to love the game. With a little plastic hoop hung over a door in a hallway of my childhood home, I starting playing basketball as soon as I could walk and never stopped. From October to June, you'll find me keeping a close eye on the scores around the leagues and catching a game, whether it be NBA, WNBA, or college, whenever I get the chance.


D&D | Storytelling

Group storytelling, which manifests itself in D&D for me, is an amazing communal experience where a group of individuals come together to create a shared story shaped by the collective minds and dice rolls. I have been running a game since 2016 and play in a couple as well. It's a great community experience that helps build cohesion and friendship between all the members! If you haven't tried it, make the leap.


Learning | Reading

The child of two career educators, learning everyday is a lifestyle for me. My father used to tell me, "Education is a journey without a destination." This is something that I took to heart and make time everyday to learn something new. After reading The Miracle Morning, I now read a chapter of a self-improvement book every morning after my Miracle Morning routine.



There are few things to me as peaceful as riding a motorcycle. No matter what stressors are present in life, going for a ride always brings peace of mind. The areas around the Pacific North West present a great backdrop for any leisure ride. Being able to use the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes & 55MPG don't hurt either. :)